Thursday, January 28, 2010

H's first hair cut...

I was getting a little tired of H's long stringy hair, so I decided to give her her very first hair cut. Here it is before:
And here it is after:

Her hair cut turned out so cute, but it makes me sad because it makes her look so much older. Wahhh! My baby is growing up.

And since K was standing around. I decided to give her a little trim as well.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Going Sledding....

Over Christmas break we headed over to the park to do a little sledding. The hills aren't very long or steep, but they are just right for the little girls. We had a great time.

Happy New Year 2010

I guess we didn't start out the new year very well, because we didn't take any pictures. We had a great time bringing in the new year though. We made a bunch of finger foods. I love finger foods! The girls were excited because we told them they could eat ALL night long. We also let them stay up for the first time this year. We told them if they got grouchy they would have to go to bed. We have started a tradition of watching our family videos on New Year's Eve. We watched 4 hours worth of videos. We thought we would watch other movies and play games, but the girls had so much fun watching themselves on the t.v. that we just did that all night. We didn't finish watching all of them, so we pulled some more out on Sunday so they could watch the rest. It was fun to watch them grow up so fast on video. H started getting grouchy so she got sent off to bed. K made it to about 10 o'clock before she fell asleep. M and A made it all the way to midnight. We really didn't think they would so we did plan anything for the 12:00a.m. climax. Next year we will have some fireworks and stuff ready to go....or at least get out a few pots and pans. It was a fun evening with our family. What a great way to start out the new year.

Christmas 2009

A few Christmas photos...finally!
All the girls on Christmas morning.
A got some pet shops.
M got a digital camera (she has taken pictures of practically everything in our entire house!)
A and K with a few new games.
H looking at her Tops and Bottoms book. And she got her very first Barbie.
DH got some ear protection for when he goes shooting.
I got a new iron and an aebelskiver pan.
Every year we make the girls a homemade present from us. This year we made building blocks. The girls loved to play with a set Grandpa and Grandma R have. We thought they would like one of their own. They have loved playing with it. They build new creations every single day.
We also got to go to a couple family parties at Grandma and Grandpa B's house. Here are a couple pictures of Grandma and Grandpa B opening their presents. We got Grandpa a couple Wii games. All my siblings and my Dad pitched in to get my Mom a Cricut Expression. I think she was excited.
It was a GREAT Christmas.