Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby H turns 9 months this weekend...

My baby will turn 9 months old this weekend. We will be gone playing, so I thought I would do her 9 month post before we left. She is growing so quickly. I thought I would share some of her new things and things we love about her.

This month she learned how to go up the stairs....

Now we just need to teach her to go down!! I have been trying, but she doesn't like to go down only up!

She loves new things. Here we are feeding the ducks. She loved it!!

She is working on her 4th tooth. I will be glad when it finally comes in because she will sleep much better at night. The last couple of nights she has been in our bed. None of us have been getting quite enough sleep.

See that rat next to her in this picture....it is actually her hair piece. It is a substitute for my hair. She still loves to play with hair while she is sucking her thumb. This is her new piece. The other one had been so loved we had to get her a new one.

She does not like her diaper changed. She will try to roll away while you are changing her (I think she rather likes being naked). I started telling her uh uh uh when she would roll away. She has started doing it right back. It is so cute.

She is saying mom and dad. Sooooo sweet.

She is such a fun little baby. We will miss these baby days.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008



Hopefully we will be able to add a few more of those colors here soon.