Friday, April 29, 2011

Family Campout August 2010

 We headed up to one of our favorite camping spots for a couple of days to spend some fun time together as a family.  The girls love camping.  I am glad they don't mind getting a little dirty.  We always love to roast some marshmellows and make smore's while we are camping.  Everything seems to taste better when you are camping...even burnt marshmellows!
 Me and my girls.  I love my sweet little girls.  They are so fun.  We went for a little hike that was by our campsite.

It was a perfect little hike for all of the girls little legs.  It had a fun waterfall at the end that was nice. 
 Dad and little H-bug.
 M, K, and A.  The girls love to climb on rocks.
 Somehow, A managed to get clear up there. 
 Little K wasn't quite so adventurous.
 Dad sitting on a rock thinking, and probably just enjoying not being at work!
 I didn't climb the rocks much either.  I had fun watching the water trickling down the rocks.
 The stream went right by our campsite.  The girls spent HOURS playing in it.  That is probably why we like this area so much.  The kids love to play in the water, and it helps wash off some of that camping dirt.