Tuesday, July 5, 2011

M's 10th Birthday...

This was a special birthday for M.  She turned 10 on 10/10/2010.  We always tease her and tell her she was born 5 minutes late because she was born at 10:15a.m. 

She is growing up so fast, but she is growing into a beautiful young woman.  

She is so fun to have in our family. 

Some new clothes.  The girls always look forward to a new birthday outfit. 

She loves loves loves horses, so she got a book about how to draw horses. 

We used the leftover party cupcakes as her birthday cake.  (Probably the easiest cake I have ever done for one of the girls!)  :)

Happy Birthday M!

M's Birthday Party....

 M wanted a Beach party theme for her birthday party this year.  We had the girls decorate flip flops.  We had a sand castle building contest as well.
 We also had a water relay race.  They had to fill up a bottle with water using a little cup. 

 Then it was time for cake, ice cream, and presents.

It was a fun party with fun friends. 

Our yard keeps getting better and better...

 It is fun to see our yard evolve and change and get bigger and better every year.

Disneyland Vacation Part 6...This is the last Part I promise...

 October 1, 2010.  This was the last day of our Disneyland vacation.  We wanted to go to a few rides that we had missed.
 Disneyland was all decorated for Halloween while we were there. 

 It was a bit of a sad day because we had been having so much fun.  We finally had the parks all figured out and where to go and what to do when.  We decided to live it up for our last day though.
 The girls wanted to hit all their favorite rides again.  I don't know how many times we went on the tea cups.

And they had to hit the carousel a few more times. 

 And we made another trip to Toon Town. 
 I am glad we did because we got to see Minnie this time.  Little H loves Minnie.  We also saved this last day to do some shopping and get a few souvenirs.    We got each of the girls a charm for their charm bracelets, and a stuffed animal.  M got Duchess from Aristocats, A got a baby hippo, K got baby Dumbo, and H got a Minnie.  They had to introduce them to their other stuffed animals when we got back to our hotel room. 
 We couldn't go all the way to California and not go to the beach.
 We went to Huntington Beach.  It was such a beautiful beach. 

 Everyone had fun slashing in the waves and gathering sea shells.  M had a ball gathering up sea weed. 

 D and H had a great time building a sand castle. 

 We were all exhausted by the time we got back to our hotel room.  We ate some dinner, went out for ice cream, and packed up all of our stuff.  We got a good nights rest and headed off to go home the next morning.  Luckily it was an uneventful trip back home.  We had such a great vacation.  The girls keep asking when we can go again.  I am not sure when we will go back, but we definately need to do this again.  It was great.