Sunday, November 27, 2011

My birthday 2011

 I am not much of a cake person, so this year for my birthday we had chocolate fondue with cinnamon bears, heart shaped marshmellows, sponge cake, strawberries and blueberries.  I had to eat a cinnamon bear first.  They are my favorite!

 Yes, I am 34.  I can't believe it!  I was actually freaking out earlier because I thought I was turning 35.  It wasn't so bad when I figured out I was only turning 34. 

I got an exercise video and some new curlers because my old set I had since high school died.  It was a fun day.

David's Valentine's Day Adventure 2011

I made a little obstacle course for D for Valentine's Day.  When he got home from work there was a string tied to the door knob.  He had to follow it all over the ENTIRE  house to find his present.  Have you seen the movie Entrapment where Catherine Zeta-Jones has to weave her way through some lasers.  This was my little version of that.  It was so fun to watch D weave in and out of all the string.  He really got into it!  He is such a fun husband.

Valentine's Day 2011

 I love Valentine's Day.  It is one of my very favorite holidays.  D gave me these beautiful flowers this year. 
 I made these little Tootsie Roll Pop flowers for the girls to give out to their class mates at school.
 We like to get the girls a little Valentine's present to show how much we love them.
 They got a little Zooble and some chocolates.
 For breakfast we had heart-shaped chocolate pancakes with buttery milk syrup.
 I went and helped with M's class party.  I taught the kids how to make origami heart cards. 
 We had heart shaped pizza for dinner.
And yummy cherry pie!  It was a great Valentine's Day.

Chinese New Year 2011-Year of the Rabbit

 I love any reason to throw a party, especially if it involves Chinese food!  So we celebrated Chinese New Year. 
 We made some fun Chinese lanterns for decoration.
 I gave the girls little red envelopes with a gold coin in them.  It is supposed to be for good luck for the new year.
 We also tried to teach them how to use chopsticks.  The two older girls got the hang of it pretty good.  The younger girls just started stabbing their food with their chopsticks.
 We had rice, oriental green beans, chicken chunks with general tsao's sauce.  One of my favorites!
 We also had to have fortune cookies.
 It was a fun party.

M's birthday present January 2011

 I got behind on all the birthday presents this year.  That is what happens when you have 5 family birthdays all in October.  I got M's present done in January as well.  She loves loves loves horses and has lots of little play horses.  I made her a cute little play mat for her to play with them on.
 It has a little fenced in horse coral with bails of hay and a water barrel.  There are a few horse jumps as well. 
 The little barn is a pocket to keep the hay bails and other things in.  There is also an apple tree and a garden with fresh veggies for the horses to eat. 
 And there is a cute little duck pond-complete with ducks!
It turned out so fun!  She has lots of fun playing horses on it.

H's Birthday present...a few month late. January 2011

 I made this little tent house for H for her birthday.  I started before her birthday in October, but didn't get it done until January.  I was going to make a card table tent, but she was too tall for a card table, so I had my husband build a PVC pipe frame for it to go on.  It is nice because it all rolls up and fits under the bed.  I thought it would be cute to make it look French with little shops and a house.  This is the house side with a heart shaped window in the door, and a little mail box for letters.
 This is the flower shop.  We put silk flowers in the Fleur baskets and you can come to the window and buy them. 
 This side is a little fashion boutique where she can dress up and come prancing out.
 This side is my favorite.  It is a little pastry shop.  There is a tea pot and cup on a cute little table. 
I also made felt little cookies to go in the pockets.  She loves getting out her tent and playing.  It makes for lots of different playtime activities with all the different sides. 

If one bow is good, then 3 dozen ought to be FABULOUS!!! 2011

The girls love to get into the hair accessories and play.  This day they really went all out!