Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spring Break 2011

 We went down to spend spring break with my husband's family.  It is always a fun time to go because it is warmer there than here.  It gets our spring fever going.  We typically head out to the desert to have a fun Easter egg hunt with all the kids.

 These rocks are great for hiding eggs because they have so many little holes and cracks.  There were lots of pushes and trees to hide eggs in too.  We hid A LOT of eggs, so it was good there were a lot of hiding spots.

We went with my in-laws, my brother-in-law and his family.  The girls had a blast looking for eggs.  We had a little hot dog cook out after the eggs were all found. 

 After we were done with out lunch we headed down to the falls.  Which are just there in the spring when there is run off.  It is a fun little spot to get your feet wet.

 The girls had a lot of fun throwing rocks into the water.  They also threw sticks and things in so they could watch them go over the falls.

 We were all having lots of fun until little H fell in the water and got muddy. 
 Grandma B and Aunt Y.
 Uncle G and B.
 Dad and poor muddy H.

It was a fun adventure for the whole family.

Laundry Room redo 2011

 The laundry room in this house has always bugged me.  When we first moved in it didn't have any cabinets, so we added the cabinets about the washer and dryer, and a cabinet and countertop next to the washing machine.  We also popped a pantry cupboard out into the garage space.  It made it much  nicer to have so much storage in this room.  It has also bugged me that I have to go through the bathroom to get to the laundry room.  We can't change that, so that will have to remain the same.  The room is pretty tiny.  My hiney has been known to hit the wall when I am getting clothes out of the dryer. 
 I decided the room needed some decorating to "cute" it up a bit.  D thought it was a waste of time and money, but it makes me so happy to go and do laundry now.  I can overlook the things that bug me because I love how the room looks now.
 We added some wainscoting to the walls and painted to top green.

 I already had the sign and the giant clothes pins in the room, but I added the little pot and boxwood.  It is fun to have a little "greenery" in the room.
 I love these clothes pins.  I have also since added a washboard, but didn't get pictures with it. 
 A few years ago, I took these black and white pictures of my girls playing in the laundry at my in-laws house.  Here is little H in the laundry basket.
 And cute little K.
 And M peeking through the clothes.
 And A by the laundry basket.  I love these pictures.  I can't believe how fast the girls are growing.  These pictures remind me to cherish the moments I have with them because they are growing up right before my eyes.
I purchased some water faucet handles off of etsy.  They were red when I got them and I wanted them a bit more burgundy, so I misted them with spray paint and then nailed them to the wall.  I love polk-a-dots and loved this black polk-a-dot ribbon to hang the pictures with.  I have taken down the bow on the one.  I decided they didn't need it.  I love how the room turned out.  It is almost fun to do laundry now....almost.  :)

Good-bye trailer....

We bought this trailer in 2007 when we were moving.  We used it alot when we moved that year, and again when we moved the following year.  We used it to haul a lot of things when we finished our basement and did our yard, but since then it has just sat in our garage, piled with stuff doing nothing.  We decided that we should just go ahead and sell it.  It was kind of sad to part with it.  It was a great trailer. 

St. Patrick's Day 2011

 I love any excuse to do something fun.  I love holidays because I get to make fancy (or sometimes crazy) meals.  I made stained glass jell-o in the shape of shamrocks.
We also had some asian broccoli noodles with peanuts, and I tried making some irish soda bread (minus the raisins). The bread was weird, but the rest was yummy.  I filled a cup with Hershey's Golden Nuggets to be our pot of gold.  We also had green punch.

M's school program 2011

 M got to do a program this year about the pioneers.

 They had a special group that came in and sang songs.  The kids got to demonstrate different pioneer games and dances.  M got to do some square dancing.  She had fun learning the dances.