Friday, February 18, 2011


 I love rainbows!

 And what is better than one rainbow???  TWO!!!!

Animal Museum

 We love going to this animal museum.  It has soooooo many different animals.  The girls love it.  We got to go this time with Grandpa and Grandma R and some of the cousins.
 That's a lot of wild animals!  And I don't just mean the stuffed ones!

Fireworks and Fun for the 24th of July

 We made our annual trip to my hubby's hometown for the 24th of July.  We always have so much fun when we go.  We took some fireworks to do before the towns big firework show.
 The girls liked the fireworks.  They climbed up the trees to watch them.  I guess you get a better view that way.

 Then we went to watch the big fireworks from the elementary school.  It was a great show.
 We took up some sparklers to do while we waited for the fireworks to start.  Poor K ended up lighting her hair on fire.  So that was the end of that!  She still has a funny little spot of short hair!

A little Family Home Evening Project

 Our Primary was doing an activity.  They wanted the kids to make some card board box cars and bring them to the church for a "drive-in" movie.  We decided to turn it into a family home evening activity.  It actually took two days to do it all.  The girls had so much fun painting their cars their favorite colors.
Dad had fun shaping the boxes to look like cars.  After the paint all dried I cut out a bunch of vinyl flowers and the girls decorated their cars with them.  They looked like 4 hippie mobiles when they were all done.  I still have them out in the garage.  I need to get an after picture of them to go on here.  We even made cute little license plates for them.  The girls had such a great time at the activity, but I think they had more fun making their cars.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heat Rash...

While we were on our little paddle boat trip I got kind of hot in my life jacket out in the sun.  When we got home from our adventure.  We moved a bunch of rocks around in our front yard.  It was over a 100 degrees outside.  Later that night I noticed I had an insanely itchy rash up my arms, on my chest, up my neck, and behind ears.  I thought maybe I was allergic to something I came in contact with when we were paddle boating.  I tried anti-itch creams, and lotions.  They didn't help at all.  I even tried some benedryl.  All we had was children's Benedryl, so I took a dose of that.  WOWZA!!!  That stuff is potent.  I was knocked out cold on the couch for an hour.  I could hear my kids, but I couldn't open my eyes!  Freaky.  I can't imagine what it would do to a kid.  Everything I tried and did would not make that rash go away.  It was  horribly itchy and drove me insane.  It lasted about 2 weeks.  I finally figured out it was heat rash and that putting lotions and things on it just made it worse.  No wonder it took so long to go away.  So if you are ever out in the heat and get overheated and break out in a rash.  Put ice on it and nothing else, or you will never get rid of it.

Out For A Pleasure Cruise...

 On a super hot summer day we decided to take a break and go to the dam to cool off.  It is always fun to take our little paddle boat out for a ride. 
 The girls love to jump over board and go for a little swim.  There are lots of long plant in the water where we go.  The girls love to pull them up and see who can gather the most of them.  They are super slimy and gross, but they sure have fun playing with them. 
 Little K-what a cutie!
 This picture makes me laugh.  Doesn't it look like she has a really large and hairy right arm?
 It is just Dad's leg in the background!
 We paddled over to a little rocky ledge and climbed out of the boat.  See the girls pile of weeds???
 It was nice to get out of the boat for a little bit.  I tend to get a little sea sick...even on a paddle boat.  How lame is that!
David got the camera!  We had a great time cooling off and spending time together.

It Must Be Summer....

 Nothing says summer more than playing in the pool in the backyard, basking in the sun, and having a popscicle. 

Corps Encore 2010

 I first went to Corps Encore on a date when I was in High School.  I loved it so much that I have always wanted to go back.  We finally got the chance.
 Corps Encore is a marching band competition from different college marching bands from across the country.  They are absolutely give you chills when they play amazing.
 They also have super fun dancers and baton twirlers and props they bring out onto the field. 
It is so fun to watch.  It is a little pricey, but worth it!  My girls loved it.  They all wanted to play musical instruments afterwards, and they were dancing around twirling things for the whole week after the show. 

Memorial Day 2010

 We decided to use Memorial Day this year as a day to make a memory with the girls.  We headed up the mountains for a drive.  We were looking for a fun place to have a picnic.
 We found a fun little park right by the river.  We ate our lunch and then went down to the water.  The water was running pretty high and fast.  We were on a bit of a steep slope down to the water. I was worried one of the girls would fall in, but thankfully no one did!
 They had a great time building "boats" out of bark, grass, weeds, and sticks.  The got pretty creative with their little boats.  They even found a bug to be the captain of one before they sent it down the river.  I don't know that the bug was too happy about it though.
 I love to get out in nature with the kids.  I love to see their creativity.  They always make something out of nothing, and turn anything into a play toy.  I just love to watch them play and be creative.
 The park also had a fun little playground that we played on after the water was no longer fun. 
 I thought this was such a fun picture of all the girls together on the swings. 
Well I think we succeeded in making a fun memory.  I am sure we will be going back to this park again someday.

A Moment With Dad....

I love to capture sweet moments of my girls' and their dad.  Isn't little H so adorable.  She has a smile that just melts your heart. 

Great Summertime Activity....

 I know it is the middle of winter.  Maybe that is why I have been thinking about summer so much.  I want it to be warm again!  I am actually still trying to catch up on the ol' blog here.  We are still back in June.  I have a long way to go.
 During the summer, I set up this bicycle/scooter obstacle course one day for the girls.  I just pulled some random stuff out of the garage....some boards, some buckets, a milk crate, whatever I could find that I thought would be fun for them.  They had to go over the ramp, between the boards, in and out of the buckets, around the milk crate and back around.  They had such a great time. 
It must have looked like lots of fun because the neighbors came over to give it a try as well.