Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A little purse....

I recently made this little purse for my friends' daughter for her birthday. I love trying new things. It was fun to whip this up in about an hour. Now all my girls want one too!

It's always fun to get something new....

My family room has been bugging me for quite some time. It just needed a little excitement to spark the room a little bit. A local furniture store was having a huge clearance sale so I went to see if I could find new couches....well I came home with this little black table instead. I am sure my husband was grateful because it cost a whole lot less than new couches! I only paid $80 for it. It is a great addition to our family room. We keep our scriptures in the bottom two drawers and all of our church magazines in the basket. Since this picture was taken I found a new lamp for it at a thrift store. I also made some new pillows to go on my old couches, and now I am much happier with my family room. It is amazing that one new thing can change the whole feeling of a room.

DR funiture originals....

My husband is great with wood. He loves to build things. For the last few years he has built me furniture for my birthday gifts. This year he made a bathroom cabinet for me. I thought I would show some of the fun pieces he has made over the years. He didn't actually make the picket fence beds and bench for my birthday. He made those to go in our girls' bedroom. This next year I think I will have him make me a red bench for my craft room.

Happy Mother's Day to me...

This year for Mother's Day I just wanted one thing.....okay, maybe two if you count perfect, angelic children! I wanted some diamonds!!!! We have talked for years about doing something with my wedding ring to jazz it up a bit. We finally decided to add four little for each of my four princesses. So that is what my hubby did for me for Mother's Day this year. I love it. It looks so pretty. Do you remember when you first got your engagement ring and you just wanted to look at it and see it sparkle (I use to hang my hand out the car window just to watch the light bounce off of mine), well that is how I felt about my newly old ring. It is just perfect and has special meaning to me. Thanks hubby!

Springtime Bubbles

In honor of the warmer weather, we broke out the bubbles! I keep them in the back of a cuboard, and I just forget they are there. It is a special treat for the girls whenever we get them out. They have loads of fun blowing and popping all the bubbles.

The Last Bits of School...

The girls always get to perform for their parents at the end of the school year. It is always fun to go and seem them sing and see what they have been working on all year. I get a little teary eyed every year.

Ward Talent Show

Our ward had a fun talent show for an activity. You could either perform or bring items for display. I (of course!) took some items to display. I took my quiet books, my tooth fairy pillow, some wood crafts, and M's baptism dress. The hubby got lucky ;) and had to perform in a skit with the bishopric. They did a cute synchronized swimming routine. We got it on our regular video camera, but not digital, so you don't get to see it.....I know you are soooo sad! It was pretty funny though and the audience loved it. Especially when the shark came and wiped out all the bishopric! M also got to perform a musical number. This was the first time she played the piano in front of anyone. I think she did really well. She is doing so great with piano lessons, and loves learning new songs every week. She must especially love Turkey in the Straw, because we hear that one A LOT! A has also started piano lessons and loves it. I am excited to have all the music in our home.

Easter 2010

One of these days I might actually get caught up on my blog! Hopefully....sigh. Today we are backing up to April for Easter. We got to go visit my hubby's family for Easter. We typically go to their house for Easter every year. It is a fun time of year to go so we can go out to the desert where it is a little warmer than at our house. We had a fun easter egg hunt out on the rocks. You would be amazed at how many great places you can find to hide eggs out in the desert. The girls had a great time and got lots of yummy candy!
The girls had fun searching for their Easter baskets. That sneaky Easter bunny always hides them soooooo good. And it seems the older you get the harder they are to find!
We also stopped to show the girls Newspaper Rock on our way to have an Easter egg hunt, okay, we actually stopped to use the bathroom and decide to see the rock as well.
The girls had a great Easter. I love planning and preparing for these special holiday. It is always fun to see the girls making fun memories.