Friday, June 27, 2008

200 posts....

I just got on to post and noticed that today is my 200th post. WOW!!! I can't believe I have done that many!

Well anyway, back to may regularly scheduled blog post....

Because we have 4 little girls that love to do this.....

we just bought one of these....

so they can all have piano lessons.

We found this piano used. It is only 8 years old, and in perfect condition (except for the chip of wood that my hubby and the guys moving nicked out of the back corner when they were moving it. ARGH!). We offered the lady less than what she was asking and she said she would take it. She later said that she would even take $100 less than what we offered her. Sweet!

My girls have loved having the piano already. They are always asking to play it. We have heard Old McDonald Had a Farm so many times that I want to SCREAM!!! We will be excited to get them into piano lessons this fall so we can hear something else.

It will be fun to have our house filled with music.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

8 Months old today...

My baby is 8 Months old today. She is growing up too fast. She is such a joy to our family though. She is always happy and smiling. She is crawling all over the place these days.

She is quite the little busy body, so most of our pictures these days turn out like this....

She is finally getting accustomed to our new house. She had a very hard time at first and just wanted to be held ALL THE TIME. She loves our door stoppers. (Please excuse my hoarse raspy voice in these videos, I have had allergies so bad lately.)

She now has three little teeth, and is working on a fourth. This makes her not sleep very well at night.

She is obsessed with hair. She will go to sleep in two seconds flat if she has her thumb and my hair. She hasn't been too happy since I cut mine all off. I thought it would help end the obsession, but so far it hasn't. Now I am just getting a kinked neck bending over so she can still play with it.

We just adore our little one. Happy 8 months baby H. We love you!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

A few of our moving adventures....

We are finally getting settled in our new house. We actually parked one of our cars in our garage over the weekend. Only one more to go! There are still plenty of boxes in there that need to be unpacked (or just thrown away...he he he). I finally uploaded some pictures today and thought I would share some of our exciting (ha ha) moving adventures.

After some pretty AMAZING packing (Did I ever tell you that my hubby is a fabulous packer....I guess he should be after all the moving we have done!), we managed to get MOST of our stuff in the U-Haul truck. We had to leave a few things behind, but we will be going back anyway, so it won't be a problem getting them. We had several guys show up to help. Praise the Elder's Quorum for their muscles!! It made the job go by much faster. We packed up the truck and most of our things the night before the move. The next morning we ate breakfast, loaded the rest of our things, hurried an laundered all the bedding and towels, and cleaned up the house then we took off for the LLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGGG journey.

I was really worried about the journey. It is a 6 hour drive (at least....not counting stops, or traveling with a U-Haul). That is a long journey under normal circumstances, but moving everything we owned, just made it more stressful. I had never driven that long by myself before either. We decided to split up the kids. I would take the oldest and the youngest and DH would take the middle two in the U-Haul with him. This way I would have the oldest to help with the baby. I was the most worried about the baby. 7 month old babies don't really like to be in their car seats that long.

I was super surprised at how well the kids traveled. We stopped to eat lunch at a park and let them wiggle, but it was cold and rainy, so they didn't have a chance to play. We kept swapping the DVD player back and forth between the vehicles for the trip. All the kids but the oldest took some good naps along the way. Even the baby traveled pretty well. She got fussy a few times....luckily we had some licorice to keep her happy......

We got safely here finally, and it really wasn't that bad. All of those prayers certainly helped with that!

I thought I would share this funny picture. Most of our things have been in a storage unit for the last 11 months. When we were unloading them we kept finding corn stuffed into things. We found a bunch in my couch, and all of this was in my washing machine. The funny thing is that it was stuffed into the drain pipe that was inside my CLOSED washing machine. I don't know how an animal got in their to do it. We are not even sure what kind of rodent it was. I hope he wasn't too sad when we drove off with his food storage.
It will probably take a couple more weeks to get things all unpacked and put away. Then I can start doing the fun stuff.....decorating. Then I will share pictures of our new home.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little Miss Funny Face....

We were recently going through some pictures and noticed that in nearly every picture K is making some sort of funny face. She definately has a LOT of personality. She is such a fun kid.
I thought I would post a few of our favorite K pictures.

This was our absolute favorite!

Monday, June 9, 2008

We are so blessed....

Yesterday I sat pondering my life as I currently know it. I am happy....super happy. That hasn't happened for awhile. The last year has been hard on us as a family. We made a decision to move last spring. Everything fell right into place for the move and we knew we were making the right decision for us. I know many people thought we were crazy....and we thought so too, but it was what we were supposed to do. After we moved everything fell apart. Nothing felt right anymore. We felt like we didn't belong....we didn't fit in....and we were crushed. That wasn't how our new adventure was supposed to be. We couldn't help but look back at our old life and feel like we had made the wrong decision. We didn't understand why everything felt so right, and then felt so wrong.

Let me just tell you that life doesn't always go as you had planned, and sometimes that is just fine. Things have turned around and our little adventure has now made way for a really great new adventure. Who knew that things would change for the better. It certainly didn't feel like they would this last winter. Many of those days were marked with regret and tears. Those tears have now turned into tears of joy. We are happy again! We are so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has guided us throughout our life. I can't believe how many times things have just fallen into place for us at the most perfect time. These things are certainly not coincidental. He definately has a plan for us. (I just wish I understood the plan a little better!)

Right now, we are just so grateful that everything in our life has turned out so well. My hubby has a job he is loving (he hasn't complained ONCE since he started his new job), we have a new house that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE, we are already loving our new ward and the area we live in, and we finally feel like we have found OUR place to be. Who knew things would turn out so well!?! We are just so blessed.....