Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A great RS activity...

I don't know if I have mentioned it on here, but I am the second counselor in our RS presidency. That just means I am the party planner! I am in charge of RS activities. I love my calling. I love planning parties, so it is just perfect for me. I wanted to blog about our last activity....the best one we have had since I have been in my calling. In Oct. 2009 in the General Relief Society broadcast Sister Beck quoted Sister Camilla Kimball, she said:
"Never Suppress A Generous Thought."
I thought that would make a great theme for a RS activity. We had a lady in our ward that had recently moved away. She is seriously one of the kindest, most giving, generous and thoughtful people I know. And that is why we asked her to come and talk to us. She shared a beautiful lesson with us about her life, her loss (she has had 3 children die), and the service she has given to others. It was so inspiring. It made you just want to go out and do nice things for everyone you met. I also had three ladies in our ward share a few personal experiences of when somone's act of kindness has blessed them in their lifes. The ladies shared wonderful, touching experiences. I think everyone was choked up or crying. It was beautiful. I also shared a personal story of my own. In the last picture, there is a little porcelein family praying. This was a gift from a nurse that helped my husband after his surgery to remove the cancer from his body. She was such a sweet lady. She only knew us for 6 days, but every time I look at that little praying family I think of her and her act of kindness. That little family has become a very special thing for me. We have had to add two more little girls to it, but it still reminds me of that time in our lives when we had just had our baby and my husband had cancer. It is a wonderful reminder of the power of prayer.
After the ladies spoke I gave out the handouts I had made. I made a card for them to put somewhere to remind them to act on the generous thoughts they have, and I made little cards for them to write in and give to someone they have been thinking about.

We also had a sundae bar. I had made up little signs for all the toppings.....Sprinkles for Kindness, Strawberry sauce for service, Caramel sauce for compassion. It was fun to see the ladies go through the line and say.....I need more charity, so I better have a cherry!

It turned out to be such a wonderful evening. I think about it everyday and try harder everyday to think about others and act on the generous thoughts that I have. I hope you will do the same.