Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day....

This is one of those days where the day goes by so quickly and finally you sit down at night after all the kiddy-boos are tucked into bed and think, "ARGHHH!!! I didn't take one picture!" I am totally kicking myself right now. So you will just have to imagine all the green fun we had today! We started working on our basement 3 weeks ago, so we packed all of our stuff into our garage. I figured it wasn't worth climbing the mountain of boxes to try and find the St.Patty's Day decorations, so I didn't bother decorating this year. For breakfast this morning my handsome muffin making hubby made us muffins with green chocolate chips in them. They were totally yummy (as all of his muffin creations are). I was going to dye the milk green, but we thought that since the jug had a green lid that that was good enough. I packed M a key lime yogurt in her lunch. The other girls and I had fettucine alfredo (well technically it was gemelli alfredo) and I dyed it green. Little K was NOT impressed AT ALL!!!! She wanted nothing to do with it. This shouldn't have been a big shocker to me since I can count on two fingers all of the green things she will eat. The little stinker got them again for dinner tonight. And guess what.....not one complaint.....NOT ONE! (It was one of those days when I was just done being the cook.) We had a nice green salad for dinner. I was going to make some clover rolls or an Irish soda bread, but poof! the afternoon disappeared (as they often do) and I didn't get it done. For dessert we had green jello cookies (they are made with a box of jello mix in them so they were green lime cookies). Those were the highlights of the day (funny how most holidays are all about the food huh!?!) Oh, I did put all the girls in my big tub tonight with some green foam so their water turned all green. And little H decided to go all out with the green-ness today and blow green boogies all day. GAG!! I also painted all the girls nails this morning with sparkly glitter paint and I had little shamrock jewel stickers that I put on their fingernail....even the baby got one. I don't think she liked it because it didn't stay on very long. It was a fun day.....I don't think we will be eating anything green for the next couple of days though.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Step aside Nancy....

My 2nd daughter just turned 6. We had a Fancy Nancy birthday party for her. Watch out Nancy, because these girls got fancy! I dressed up as their fancy teacher to teach the girls all how to be fancy. I read them the Fancy Nancy book and then taught them some fancy words. I then tested them to see how much they knew about fancy things by playing a game. I had a pillow case full of things and they each took turns pulling them out. They had to decide if the item was plain or fancy. Then I got them all dressed up. We had feather boas, tiaras, rings, sunglasses and necklaces for all the girls to get dressed up in. They looked absolutely stunning!

What kind of fancy girls would they be without purses? I found these adorable purses at Wal-Mart. They were supposed to be some sort of Valentine's Day gift card holder. They were perfect for holding a little lip gloss and all the girls accessories. They decorated them with jewels and glittery foam shapes.

The girls practiced their fancy walking while I got the dessert ready. We had parfaits....

The girls got to decorate them all up fancy with syrups, sprinkles, whipped cream, and of course, a cherry on top!

Then my little fancy girl got to open her gifts. She got some really fun things....so fun that all of her sisters want to play with them too. Apparently we need to teach our fancy girl about sharing!

While we waited for the mommies to come and get the girls I read them another Fancy Nancy book. It was a fabulous party. It just looked like I murdered a pink chicken in my house afterwards from all the feathers from those boas. Oh well, it was worth it.