Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Slightly disappointed....

I have wanted to go to a hot air balloon festival for a long time. Usually they have been too far away (especially since you have to be there at sunrise). We finally found one that was a little closer to home. So bright and early (okay, it was really even light yet, but it definately was early) we headed out to see the balloons.
They got off to a late start, but they were getting everything ready. It was fun to watch the balloons grow before our eyes.
There were several different sizes and colors.

Unfortunately, they never got off the ground. They had to call everything off because the wind conditions were too unpredictable. We were all disappointed! So all we had to do was sit around in the sticks.

We didn't get to see the balloons go up, but we got to see 3 sky divers and a lot of buffalo, so I guess the whole trip wasn't wasted!

Hopefully we will be able to catch the balloons again next year.

Ward Campout...

I have gotten a little behind in my postings lately. I wanted to go back and do a post about our ward camp out. They did a cute little Goldilocks and the Three Bears skit. D was Goldilocks in a super curly in your face blonde wig. As you can see in the pictures, the husband's hands were used as the feet, and the wife's hands were used as their hands. We had to feet them pudding at different prompts in the skit. It got a little messy! It was so funny though. I only wish that I could have seen it!
We enjoyed visiting with our ward members, and roasting marshmellows. This was the first time we have camped out (in a tent) for two years. It was hard getting the girls to sleep at first, but they slept pretty good once they did. I wish I did! Our air mattress had a slow leak, so by the time daylight hit I was squashed between my hubby and the baby on a half full mattress. It was a great adventure though!