Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brunette again...

I am trying out brunette again. I just can't decide if I like it or not. I am still a little shocked everytime I look in the mirror. I did add a few golden highlights after I took these pictures. I think it makes it look better. So what do you think? Brunette or blonde?

Miss A turns 7

My little A turned 7 this year. I can't believe how big my kids are getting. I guess since I keep getting older they have to as well. She wanted a dog birthday this year. I found this cute little dog with a carrying case, clothes, leash, bowl and treats. She named it Jewel.
Grandpa and Grandma B came over to celebrate with us. I think she enjoyed all of her presents.

In rememberance of our little Josie I made a dachshund birthday cake. The girls all loved it. We miss our little dog. I guess we will just have to stick with the stuffed dogs now. A has had a lot of fun with her little dog. She takes it all over and brushes its hair. Yesterday she was even eating nerds out of its dog dish.

My Birthday....

Here I am wwwwwaaaayyyyy back in February still. I turned 33 in February. I can't believe I am getting so OLD. Just kidding. I still feel like a teenager. All the dumb things I seem to keep doing would attest to that fact as well. My not so little anymore M made my cake this year. Chocolate and cinnamon bears....can't beat that!
I had a fun birthday this year. It seems like all of our appliances have died this year. Maybe it is because we are going onto our 13th year of marriage this year. First my handmixer died, my iron, and my crock pot cracked. My rice cooker is about to go out as well. Funny how things all seem to go at once. So for my birthday I got a few replacements. Here are a few pictures of me sporting my cheesy face.
It was a great day!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ribbon Hair Flowers

My mom had this little loom thing that you can make these flowers on. I only managed to make

two, but I am dying to make some more because they turned out so cute.

Mouse Pad Cover

Hate your mouse pad cover? I hated mine, so I added a little fabric, and now it is perfect!
First, take your ugly mouse pad cover:
And then iron on some Heat n' Bond. I used the extra heavy duty.
Remove the paper backing, and iron on your fabric.
So quick and easy, and a big change for very little money.

Bow Baby Blanket

I have made 4 of these baby blankets. This one was for my new niece. I wish I had known how to make them when I was having my girls....we definately would have had one.