Sunday, April 22, 2012

Last Camping trip of the season 2011

 We love going camping.  We like to go at least once a month while the weather is good.  This was our last trip for the season. 
 We forgot to bring firewood, so D went off exploring and found some wood.  Luckily he brought something to chop it up with!
 This is one of our favorite spots because of this river.  It is dammed up in places and has little pools of water that the girls love to play in.
 The girls found lots of pretty colored rocks in the water.  They had to bring home some for their fairy garden.

 This was Ivory's first camping trip.  She had fun exploring all around the campsite.  A couple times she headed off into the bushes, but she always came back.
 Roasting marshmellows is always a camping MUST!

 The girls get pretty dirty camping, so I like this spot so they can clean off in the river a little bit.
Fun family memories!

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