Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our new addition...

 Our neighbors dog had 7 puppies.  My girls were in love with them.  They would go over and play with them whenever they got the chance.  They were 1/2 white and 1/2 yellow labs.  They were wild and crazy and fun.  My girls were convinced they wanted a puppy of their own.  I have wanted one for years.  D was the only one that did not want a dog.  The poor guy finally caved in to 5 whining girls and we got a puppy. 
 I wanted a black and brown dachshund, but we ended up with this little chiweenie (1/2 dachshund and 1/2 chihuahua).  They were advertized as dachsunds, but they didn't look right when we got there, so I asked the the guys selling them if the dad dog was there and they pointed to this super fluffy white chihuahua.  I was surprised.  The mom was a brown and black dachshund named Kiwi, and the dad's name was Caesar.  There were several puppies and we sat and played with them all for awhile.  This one climbed into my lap and fell asleep while we were playing with the others.  There were two girls that we liked, but wanted to decide what to do.  We went home and thought, and thought.  By the time we decided for sure that we wanted one, this was the only one left. 
 We celebrated our 14th anniversary this year.  We have always done the traditional gifts for one another for our anniversary.  This year it was Ivory.   So this little puppy ended up being my anniversary present and we named her Ivory.  It may seem funny to have a mostly black dog and name her Ivory, but it fits.  She has a little white tip on the end of her tail, and she is actually monogramed with and I. on her belly. 
 She is a fun little puppy.  The girls are all in love with her.  I wasn't so sure after the first couple of days we had her.  Potty training a dog is not fun!  She is all potty trained now, and a great little dog.  She loves sitting in your lap and she loves to play.
 M has taught her how to do a bunch of tricks.  We all love her.  Even D is kind of taken with her.  When we first brought her home, her ears were down, but they popped up and now she looks a lot like a mini doberman pincher.  She has some fun coloring.  Some of her toenails are whitish pink and some are black.  She has lots of funny white and black spots on her belly.  She is so fun and we love having her.

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