Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kokanee Salmon...

 There was a lot of spring run off in 2011.  A lot of water went over the spillway of Causey Reservoir.  Along with the water went some Kokanee Salmon.
 When it was time for them to swim up stream to spawn, there was a little bit of a problem.
 They couldn't get past the dam.
 So they were trapped.  We went up to see the salmon.  The poor things just kept swimming around banging their heads on the dam trying to get through.
 That is pretty strong instinct if you ask me!
 The girls had fun watching them, and tossing rocks in the water (but not at the salmon!).
 We talked to the girls about how they should be like the fish and trying to get back to live with Heavenly Father.  These poor fish couldn't go back home, but they could always go back.

It was a fun little adventure for our family.

A little rain for a little girl...

 I bought the big girls umbrella's for walking to school.  H wanted one too, but she never gets to use it very often, so she was excited to go out and play in the rain with it.

Fun with food...

My girls like to play with their food and make fun things, even little girls out of cheerios!

Last Camping trip of the season 2011

 We love going camping.  We like to go at least once a month while the weather is good.  This was our last trip for the season. 
 We forgot to bring firewood, so D went off exploring and found some wood.  Luckily he brought something to chop it up with!
 This is one of our favorite spots because of this river.  It is dammed up in places and has little pools of water that the girls love to play in.
 The girls found lots of pretty colored rocks in the water.  They had to bring home some for their fairy garden.

 This was Ivory's first camping trip.  She had fun exploring all around the campsite.  A couple times she headed off into the bushes, but she always came back.
 Roasting marshmellows is always a camping MUST!

 The girls get pretty dirty camping, so I like this spot so they can clean off in the river a little bit.
Fun family memories!


The Grease Monkey and the Princess

 Our truck needed the ball joints replaced (or some mechanical mumbo-jumbo like that!).  Luckily I married a pretty handy guy who can do some mechanical work. 
 He took a whole day off of work so he could fix the truck.  It took him all that day, and about 1/2 of the next day to fix all the problems.  After the ball joints, there was something wrong with the brakes that needed fixing too.  Don't you think car problems are the worst!?!?
 H liked to play in the truck while D was working.
 Someday she will be big and sitting in that seat with a license to drive in her hand!

 He is really having fun I think.  He likes to get a little dirty and get a job done.

M & A's stay with Grandpa & Grandma R...

 After our trip to D's hometown for the 24th of July the big girls wanted to stay with Grandpa and Grandma for a week.  They had lots of fun.  Their favorite thing was to hang out with Marie...the horse, and her goat friend.
 M LOVES horses, so this was a special treat for her.  They also got to spend lots of time playing with their cousin B.
 They went to the city pool and swam several days.
 THey made some floral arrangements from Grandpa and Grandma's flowers.
 They got to go hiking and see a deer.
 They both had a great time.  It was kind of weird to have them gone.  The house felt rather empty, but I am glad they get to go and have fun with their grandparents, and make some fun memories.