Sunday, March 18, 2012

24th of July 2011

 We went to visit my hubby's hometown for the 24th of July.  We love to go there then because they have a fun parade, and lots of fun things to do.  K, M, and H awaiting the parade to start.
 DH's sister J came down with her kids and friend Max.  The girls had lots of fun playing with their cousins.  A, I, J, A, and some other random girl that got in our picture.
 Max, Grandpa and Grandma R and DH.
 The parade has begun, and all the kids and Aunt Y are out in the road begging for candy!  Aunt Y works at the school and knows everyone, so she is good to get candy from the parade float throwers.

 We got a special serenade from a barber shop quartet!  Love it!

 My beautiful girls.  K, H, A, and M.
 Aunt J brought a blow up slide to play on after the parade.  Here are H and I sitting in some cute little chairs watching the fun.
 The kids all had a lot of fun splashing and playing in the water.
 This was definately a hit with the kids.

 A, H, Aunt Y, and Grandma R.
 Little K.
 Grandma R loves to make pinatas (or she knows the kids love the, so she makes them just for them). 

 The kids all taking turns hitting the pinata.

There were lots of fun treasures and treats in the pinata for everyone.  It was a fun weekend visiting and playing with family.

Kids can sleep through anything...

This was a picture taken and Grandpa and Grandma R's house.  The girls have to share a bed when we are there, and it always surprises me to see how they are sleeping when I go into check on them before we go to bed.  K and H.

Our camper's maiden voyage...

 We decided to take our camper for its first expedition into the wilderness (at least with us!).  We took off to find the perfect camping spot.  And we drove and we drove and we drove and checked out several spots, but couldn't find "the" place.  So we ended up driving a lot farther than we thought, but we finally found a good spot.
 One spot that we stopped at had so many mosquitoes, it was HORRIBLE.  No way were we staying there!  We found an off road camping area. Of course, there were no bathrooms or running water, but that is why we have our own camper right!?!
 We set up camp and got some dinner cooking.  The girls had lots of fun playing in the field by us.  There were lots of flowers, and log stumps to play on and with.
 This is the camper all popped out.  We fit pretty good in it, but we may not as the girls get bigger and longer. 
 H quality checking her marshmellows
 Me by the pretty flowers.
 The handsome hubby chopping up wood for the fire.
 The girls warming up in the sunshine the next morning.  They had lots of fun playing in the fire dad made to warm them up that morning.  After breakfast and packing up we headed of to do a little paddle boating on Causey Reservoir.
 This was the first time we have taken our paddle boat to this reservoir.  It was so beautiful.  It isn't very big, but it was gorgeous there.  There are not power boats allowed on Causey, and it was nice and quiet and peaceful.
 M sunning herself on the boat.  We headed up the little canyon with a picnic lunch.
 H and dad.
 Our fearless captain.
 A our adventurous one.  She was the only kid that went for a swim.  The water was a little cold.
 M and K. 
 We thought we would come to a little beach or something we could have lunch on, but we didn't.  All we found was a big rock by the side of the water.  We pulled over to it and the girls climbed out to eat their lunch on the rock.
 H.  It was a fun day until we were headed back to the truck.  A accidentally nocked off our rudder, so we had no way of steering the boat back to shore.  DH was brave and dived in to help push us back to the shore.  We arrived (and ordered a new rudder and an extra just in case this happens again).  I love going out camping and spending time together as a family.  We hope the girls are making fun memories they will take with them throughout their lives.

A new obsession...

 Our neighbors dog had puppies.  7 adorable fuzzy bundles of energy.  My girls are obsessed with them.  Every chance they get they want to go over to their house and play with the puppies.
 They are half white lab and have golden lab.  They have slight color variations, but they are hard to tell apart.

 They are so sweet and playful.  The girls have loved getting to play with them.  And of course, now they are begging for a puppy of their own.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dad and Princess tea party...

 DH is always such a great sport to dress up and have tea parties with the girls.
They sure love their dad.

Hollyhock dolls...

 DH makes the cutest little ruffly flower dolls out of hollyhocks.
 Here he is making some for all the girls.
 What a cute dad!