Friday, February 23, 2007

New Blogger Version

I just switched to the new blogger version (finally!). Now I can't post pictures using my picasa program. It always gives me error in script messages. I am really bummed because I have some fun pictures I wanted to post. So does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thanks for the birthday wishes...

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. And thanks to my sister, my dad, my cousin, and my friend for their touching birthday blogs to me. They were so sweet and nice and made my day good. I had a terrible birthday. I had a nasty stomach bug and spent most of the day in the bathroom or lying on the couch. I didn't feel like eating there was no Cafe Rio Chicken salad, and no cheesecake. I received all but one of my birthday presents (my sweet neighbor brought me over a nice present) a couple weeks before my birthday, so it was weird not to get any birthday presents or cards on that day, and no one sung me Happy Birthday. It was a very strange depressing day, but we are going to celebrate this coming Friday and have my birthday foods, so that will be fun. So thanks to all of you for all of your birthday wishes and sweet thoughts. I love you all for it!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy 100 Posts to Me!!

I have finally reached the 100 posts mark. I can't believe I have been blogging for almost a whole year. It has been so much fun. Awhile ago Stephanie from For Better or Worse asked everyone on her blog what some of their favorite things were, so I thought I would use that idea for my 100th post. Here are 100 of my favorite things:

1. Sunsets and Sunrises.
2. The smell of rain.
3. The smell of oranges (especially Bath and Body Works Mandarin Mango Lotion, air fresheners, and cleaners).
4. Romantic movies (we just watched While You Were Sleeping last night, I hadn't seen it is a classic).
5. My Velour pants...they are so comfy and warm.
6. Pie...any kind will do.
7. Anne of Green all-time favorite book.
8. Thunder and lightening storms.
9. Rainbows following the above.
10. Book monthly get away.
11. The smell of cinnamon and cloves.
12. A sweet clean baby in fuzzy feet pajamas.
13. Kid's laughter, especially baby laughter.
14. The Flag and anything patriotic.
15. Soldiers in uniform...they always make me teary eyed.
16. The fluttering kicks of a baby inside of me.
17. Wind Chimes as long as they are my own and not the neighbors.
18. Snow long as I don't have to go out in them and I can just watch under a blanket in my house.
19. Slippers
20. The smell of freshed baked bread...I need to smell that more in my own house.
21. Model home hopping.
22. Cinnamon bears.
23. The smell of Cabbage Patch brings back childhood memories.
24. Little kids voluntarily holding your hand.
25. The total rush you get after having a baby.
26. Hot chocolate.
27. The way my husband smells on Sunday morning.
28. Fettucine Alfredo.
29. Kisses and hugs from my DH.
30. Creating new craft projects.
31. Actually completing those new craft projects. :)
32. Cafe Rio Chicken Salad.
33. Wassail.
34. Cherry Cordial Kisses.
35. House Plans...I am addicted.
36. Bedtime hugs and kisses from my girls.
37. Rocking a baby to sleep.
38. Shopping...if I can find some good deals, and I have the money.
39. Spring Flowers.
40. Looking at decorating books and magazines.
41. Painting.
42. A good book.
43. When the sun is shining and it is raining.
44. long as a baby is not crying at my feet.
45. Old houses...they have such character.
46. Surprises, although I am hard to surprise.
47. Decorating stores...I love looking for new ideas.
48. Coloring with crayons.
49. Sewing.
50. Nielsen's Frozen Custard's Spicy Italian Grinder & their vanilla custard.
51. Late night talks with my DH.
52. Rascal Flats.
53. Wood Floors.
54. Remodeling houses.
55. The sound your bottles make when they seal after you can them.
56. Unexpected calls from friends.
57. My DH coming home from work.
58. Going to the beach.
59. 4-wheeling with my me a good excuse to hang on tightly to him.
60. Receiving good mail...actually in my mail box and not e-mail.
61. Blogging.
62. Scrapbooking.
63. Johnny Jump-ups...they especially look cute in a salad.
64. Christmas.
65. February.
66. A nice clean house (this is what I should really be doing right now!)
67. girls, the neighbor girls, and I had a picnic in our family room yesterday because I like them so much.
68. Herb gardens...I am not too good at using the herbs though.
69. Climbing into a bed with nice crisp clean sheets.
70. Climbing into bed with my DH and snuggling until we fall asleep.
71. Camping in the mountains.
72. Starbuck's Caramel Apple Cider.
73. Going to my DH's work vacation!!
74. Road long as the kids are being good.
75. Driving with the windows down.
76. Family get togethers.
77. Hugs from my sweet grandpa.
78. Spending time with my DH.
79. Relief Society.
80. Popcorn.
81. Country swinging (or ballroom dancing) with my DH.
82. Stargazer Lilies.
83. Peonies.
84. Yellow DH gave me two dozen for Valentine's day, they are gorgeous!
85. Family walks on Sunday afternoons.
86. Helpful children.
87. Chocolate peanut butter anything.
88. The breeze blowing through my house.
89. Taking a nap in a sunbeam...what I would like to be doing right now.
90. Presents.
91. Stargazing as long as there are no mosquitoes.
92. The smell of fireworks.
93. Rolled Gold Pretzels.
94. Spending one on one time with my kids.
95. The peace you feel in the temple.
96. Cindy Crawford's Shape Your Body exercise video.
97. Egg Nog.
98. Love letters.
99. Holding a babies face next to mine.
100. Getting all dressed up to go out.

I think I could go on and on, but I guess I better save something for my 200th post!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I hope it is a great day for all of you. I thought I would make my blog a little festive for the holiday and post some of my Valentine's decorations. These ones are new things that I have made. I put some of my older decorations in the previous post (because blogger won't let me put more than 3 pictures in a post). Have a Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

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Friday, February 9, 2007

Book Review and A Thank You...

This last month for book club we read The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale. This was a fantastic book!! It is about a princess who can talk to birds and a horse. She is ridiculed by her family her whole life because she is different than her other siblings. She is supposed to be the next queen, but her mother sends her off to a neighboring kingdom to marry their prince. On the way she is betrayed by her own people. She escapes and tries to fight her way back to her thrown and her position. It was such a great book. I would suggest in to everyone! It is the first book in a trilogy, but apparently (from what I have heard, because I haven't read the other two yet) the other two books are about other people in the first book, so I don't think you have to read all of them.

Also, I would like to extend a big Thank You to Lambie-Pie. A few months ago I asked for book ideas for book club this month. I had so many of you tell me some great books. I finally decided on I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith, which Lambie-Pie recommended. I was really surprised I had never heard of this book before because it is by the same author that wrote 101 Dalmations. The book is fantastic. In preparing to host book club this month I read the book twice, and even the second time I read it I couldn't put it down. I kept thinking, "This is silly, you know how the book ends, just put the book down and do your laundry!", but I still couldn't put it down. The book is about the Mortmain family who live in an old run down castle. The book is actually what Cassandra Mortmain is writing in her journal. The father is a writer, but has not written a book since his first one. The family is destitute with no money, and are looking for ways to earn some money. The owner of the castle has recently died, and the new heir arrives to take over his property. What ensues is a little like Pride and Prejudice with the poor girl trying to capture the wealthy neighbor. It is a great book, with super fun insight and humor. It was a great read!!

Happy Reading Everyone!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

WFMW: Muffin Mixes...

I thought I would do a Works for Me Wednesday (sponsored by Shannon from Rocks in my Dryer) this week. It has been a while since I have done one. I am doing it a day early because I know I won't get around to doing it tomorrow. I was reminded of this idea this morning when my husband made muffins for breakfast. I am running low on mixes and need to make up some more. I mix up the dry ingredients for muffins and put them in a bag in the cupboard, so I can easily throw them together in the morning. I usually make about 12 of them at a time.
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I recently found "fruit morsels" at my local Kitchen Kneads. They are the things that you find in regular store bought muffin mixes that taste like blueberries, but are really some form of food coloring, corn syrup and flavoring. They come in raspberry, blueberry, cherry, strawberry, and cranberry. They are fun to throw in muffins if you don't have any real fruit.
Here is my muffin recipe. If you are interested in making your own muffin mixes just put all of the dry ingredients in a quart size ziploc bag and label the outside with what wet ingredients you need to add and what temperature to cook them at and for how long. It works for me.

1 3/4 cup flour (I often will substitute part for whole wheat flour)
1/2 cup sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 beaten egg
3/4 cup milk
1/4 cup melted butter
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
desired add in (dried cranberries & white chocolate chips are my hubby's favorite)

Mix all ingredients together. Pour into muffin pan lined with baking papers. Bake at 400 for 20 minutes. Makes 12 muffins.